Sagittarius and sagittarius are not compatible

Scorpio will find all of those little places you may even be hiding from yourself!

Scorpio will always be a great listener, and will be impressed by the mental gymnastics you accomplish so adeptly. Your Sun sign twin will be a lot of fun to be with, and going to bed is likely to be one of the things you decide to do just for the heck of it. You both know your way around the human body and its erogenous zones; and you can swap your favorite tricks and try out your best experiments.

The best thing about being with another Sagittarius, of course, will be the respect you get for being who you are. Capricorn puts on that air of superiority to make sure no one on the job makes the mistake of not knowing who the boss is. All you need to do is express your interest, openly and honestly. Once you get your Capricorn out of that gray flannel suit or designer flannel shirt, for that matter , all the things you thought about this apparently reserved person are bound to go out the window!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

Capricorns range from the randy and horny to hedonists and fetishists -- all in the name of going down to the depths of the earth in order to achieve the heights of physical enjoyment. Capricorn will respect your individuality, and might even resist your attempt to get into a long-term relationship. In fact, your karmic lesson from Capricorn will be that when it comes to love, you can play all you want, but you have to be serious if you want it to last.

Both of you think big, so you could spend an entire evening discussing your respective visions of what the world should really be like. With Aquarius, as with you, there are no strings attached. The two of you find it very easy to just slip in there and get it going. Just take it as part of the package. The good thing about this will be that you can ask for some interesting new ways of getting your gratification too. The karmic lesson you have to learn with Aquarius might be that you can be two vigorous individuals and still have an intense, happy, and satisfying relationship.

All you need is love.

Summary of Sagittarius compatibility

Sagittarius and Pisces Sweet, gentle Pisces will seem almost too good to be true, and in many ways this might be the case. The level on which you connect will go far below the surface. The sexual end of things will matter far less to your partner than the way you connect with heart and soul.

A long-term relationship with Pisces will need some work, as this person can be a bit on the clingy side.

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Looking to improve your current relationship? We can help!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Emotional Compatibility

Our Relationship Dynamics Compatibility Report is designed to give you the guidance you need now! By Tarot.

Although they have are entirely different parenting styles , together they make quite a team. A Sagittarian parent improvises, travels light, is flexible, has fun with their children and brings joy to their lives. A Virgo parent plans, sets limits or rules, and provides the children with a healthy, stable, and well-organized home. Working together they can raise healthy, happy, and well-balanced children who grow up knowing there's a time and a place for everything.

Virgos is a bit tight-fisted, likes to save and keep track of every penny. Sagittarius is an optimistic spendthrift. Virgo and Sagittarius can find common ground if they have an honest and heartfelt discussion about money. They'll need to know where they stand financially as a couple, then create a plan that allows Virgo to feel financially secure and Sagittarius to have a reasonable amount of mad money.

The oddest couples can make the cutest couples because once they are together for a while, they can laugh with each other about their foibles. However, it's always important to remember that what brings an odd couple together and holds them together is not their Sun signs, but something rooted in their astrological synastry or composite chart.

All Rights Reserved. On the down side this means decisions are hard to make and projects remain uncompleted. Even Sag recognizes that adventures require budgeting and planning skills. Sag are happy people and they want to make loved ones happy — expect surprise gifts and lots of ego boosting.

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They like playing games in bed — think dress-ups and dirty story telling and often break into fits of laughter if things get too intense or soppy. Like two puppies, love making often starts with wrestling, biting and chasing each other around the house.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Sag are madcap lovers who make sexy times hilarious. But sometimes the planets align, Sag find themselves in a tacky wedding chapel in Vegas and spontaneity just takes over. As a married couple Sag are somewhat unorthodox — often living in separate houses or countries, to follow careers and maintain independence. Some pull this off successfully and relish the breathlessness of re-connecting after time spent apart, whilst others simply drift apart.