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The zodiac sign where the sun is present at a particular time is called as Sun Sign and the position of the Moon at a given time is called the Moon Sign.

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Read Post a comment. Characters Remaining: Continue without login. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. All the good qualities of the Moon will find full expression in Cancer.

Why Moon Sign! Why not Sun Sign?

These individuals are highly sensitive, caring, mysterious, secretive, and love their homes and hearths. All Cancerians are very attached to their mothers. Their lives are oriented around their loved ones and they like to take care of and nourish their loved ones — it could be family members, children, pets or plants. They are also said to have green fingers ie, the power to heal each and everything in their care.

This is the house of the Sun and when the Moon is posited here, the emotional makeup of the person would be more or less authoritative, dominating and pompous. The emotions always take a backseat for them as their self- esteem and pride become more important.

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These people are ruled by their heads as against their hearts, and for them dignity and self-respect are important attributes. Warm, generous and caring, they are also straight, honest and determined.

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They speak their mind and a shell of self -importance covers their soft emotional side. The earth element of the sign provides a stable and strong but fertile ground for the Moon to express itself. The caring and emotional aspects are more practically oriented here, as these individuals are methodical, prudent and wise. They have the ability to perceive what lies beneath the surface and hence are analytical and critical, and their deep emotions are channelised selectively for larger causes rather than personal attachments.

Sensible, rational and careful, they are reserved and quiet people.

These people are affectionate, charming and very amiable. Through this moon sign, the inherent creativity and artistic talents of the person find an easy expression. Their emotional makeup is stable, diplomatic and peace loving. Artistically inclined with an eye for beauty and all that appeals to the senses, they create a pleasant ambience around themselves.

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They have a balanced and harmonious emotional outlook and express themselves in a very charming and pleasing manner. Their logical reasoning and peace loving nature makes them very adapting and adjusting people. This is the sign of the debilitation of the Moon, what this implies is that the gentle qualities of the moon are shadowed to a certain extent by the overpowering influence of this fixed sign and its ruler, Mars.

These people are very intense, emotionally volatile and feel with a depth and intensity that is impossible for other signs. Hence all emotions and experiences are internalised and evoke very strong reactions, these people are very secretive and are ruled by their emotions.

This emotional intensity if channelised well could lead to the unfolding of the latent powers hidden in the individual.

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The emotional outlook of these individuals is coloured by the auspicious, bright, and magnanimous planet Jupiter. Hence these people are optimistic, warm, generous and courageous. They are open and expressive and find it difficult to do things in a roundabout and complicated manner.

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  8. Full of energy, enthusiasm and warmth they are brave, honest and forthright. They have an inherent sense of right and wrong and have good judgement.

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    When we compare the Indian Astrology with that of the Western Astrology there are certain general principles found in both the systems. Ownership of houses, exaltation, debilitation, characteristics of planets and the 12 aspects of human life are the same. In certain other aspects they differ from each other. For example the square opposition aspects are bad and trine and sextile aspects are always good in Western Astrology. Where as in the Hindu system good and bad aspects are not based on the types of aspects, but by the nature of the planets involved in the aspects.

    Ashtakavarga system, Shadvarga charts, Shadbala assessment and Yogavali are not found in the Western System. The Indian Science of Astrology also gives certain remedial measures to overcome mental, moral and physical sufferings by means of medicinal roots, mantras and yoga practices and Gemstones.

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    Though Hindu Astrology deals with all the aspects of human life indicating materialistic success and failures, it is deeply rooted in philosophy. The Sayana system of generic predictions is based on Sun signs. The sun sign is closely related with the date of birth. In contrast, calculation of moon sign is more complex and cannot be determined with simple dates from the Gregorian calendar.

    Vedic Indian astrological system uses many more complex calculations. The Lagna, Birth Star and several other parameters relating to each individual is determined by processing the horoscope for the specific date and place of birth.

    For instance, the branch of Vedic Indian astrology dealing with only Muhurtams or determining auspicious time for doing any important activity is followed extensively for starting important activities.