Bhavat bhavam vedic astrology

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To study the matter of 8 th house also read the 3 rd house 8 th from 8 th. To study the matter of 9 th house also read the 5 th house 9 th from 9 th. To study the matter of 10 th house also read the 7 th house 10 th from 10 th.


To study the matter of 11 th house also read the 9 th house 11 th from 11 th. Relationships are a partnership, and anything that happens in the relationship is a reflection of what's going on within us. The 1st and 7th houses are always opposite signs in the zodiac, but any two opposites taken to extremes are really the same thing. This method of bhavat bhavam shows how the chart unfolds out of the 1st house.

The whole chart of houses is like a mathematical lotus flower, reflecting the sacred numerological laws of both two and three, which gives birth to the manifestation of the twelve, otherwise known as the zodiac. Bhavat Bhavam, "House from House", Dictum is used in many ways. One more way to use this is dictum is to find the "natural pada" of the house.

Calculation of the natural pada, Natural pada of any bhaava is counting as many houses from the lagna from the bhaava.

Bhavat Bhavam From House to..

For example the Natural pada of 2nd house from lagna, is 2nd house from 2nd house, The natural pada of 3rd house from lagna is 3rd house from 3rd house. Let me tabulate this,. House Count Natural Pada 1st 1 from 1st st 1st. House Natural Pada 1 and 7th st 1st.

The house represents the 'act' or initiation and the pada shows the controller's results. Since pada houses are always odd houses these show the masculine energy. The house shows the internal aspect and pada shows the external or results. Hence it's very important to analyze the pada bhaava when analyzing the results for any house. For example, If one wants to understand the profession 10th the analysis would be complete without understand 10th from 10th, 7th house, If 7th house any benefics, The person could do very well in profession, He could be involved in a profession of freedom, which could be like business or self-employed.

If there are benefics in this house, the person can get desired satisfaction from partners Which could also mean many spouces if bad. Malefics here could show results of both 2nd and 8th, This could show even begging, due to no savings and poverty. Benefics in 5th can both show good initiation and also blessings from pitris.

Good job 10th is sometimes insisted for good marriage 7th by some. So analysis of 11th house involved also the 9th house. If we take 5th house to be children, then 9th house is grandchildren, Thus benefics in 9th house can give both good children and also grandchildren. Malefics in 11th can makes take a lot of long term debts and bad expenditure. The "want" of more stuff is shown in 11th. Our past debts is seen in 6th and chances for moksha in 12th. Read Free For 30 Days. Bhavat Bhavam. Description: Bhavat Bhavam decipheing birth chart.

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Bhavat Bhavam There is an interesting concept in Vedic astrology that can help us to understand the nature of the houses, called bhavat bhavam. Here are the bhavat bhavam houses for each house: 3rd house is bhavat bhavam for the 2nd house 2nd from 2nd 3rd house is also bhavat bhavam for the 8th house 8th from 8th The 3rd house is traditionally a house of siblings, but is also a house vital energy, curiosity, and desire. The 5th house is bhavat bhavam for the 3rd house 3rd from 3rd The 5th house is also bhavat bhavam for the 9th house 9th from 9th The 5th house is a house of creativity, which can be expressed as children but also as our own unique gifts and intelligence that naturally comes through us.

The 9th house is bhavat bhavam for the 11th house 11th from 11th The 9th house is also bhavat bhavam for the 5th house 5th from 5th The 9th house is a house of spirituality, good fortune, life purpose, and how our purpose fits in with the greater laws of society. Since 3rd house stands for skills of hands, the native could pick up a competitive skill of the hands like sports or games involving hands. The karaka for 3rd house Mars in 3rd house itself gives lot of courage, but makes communication aggressive enough to affect certain other aspects of the native.

Mercury is also the karaka graha of the 3rd house. It makes the native very skilled in communication and speech. The person can be an effective communicator and articulate ideas with ease. Mercury in 3rd can help the native become a writer, actor, news reporter or writer, media person, publishers, author or in general a chatty individual. The mind needs constant chatter to keep the mental faculties busy.

Seventh House in Astrology – Spouse & Marriage

Friends and siblings could be chatty and there is great communication between them. The person is an effective team player. Because of the constant mental chatter, the native is normally up to date with the latest news, social media updates, events, and general gossip. The mind or intellect without supervision because of association or in some cases aspect becomes a dangerous weapon by itself. Mercury in 3rd house can also make a person good at other professions needing mastery of speech, text or numbers like accountancy, writing, legal services, content creation, logical thinking, mathematics and business in general.

The person could be a financial advisor or a management consultant advisor. Normally team workers and siblings are helpful and auspicious for the native. The person may have a large number of siblings or be a part of large teams since Jupiter expands activities of the house wherever it sits.

Whatever they write or sing could have a loud tone to it. The person may have to travel for education, seminars, meetings, sales conferences.

The native may be invited to attend big meetups and advice or counsel the audience. The tone of the message is generally positive, inspiring and uplifting. All said and done, Venus is also a Guru for all practical reasons. This placement could make one a teacher or the spouse a teacher since Venus is karaka for the spouse.

This could give a disposition which is philosophical and non discriminatory as a teacher since Venus does not discriminate and loves all. Since third house represents our hobbies, skills of the hands and our mind in general, the position of Venus in 3rd house makes a person artistic in terms of his hobbies and mental pursuits.

Creativity and skilled pursuits of the hands suit them very well. They could be artistic craftsmen, skillful passionate and soothing orators and they are generally suitable for creative businesses. Why business? Venus in third house can make the native good at writing but the style would tend to be romantic, creative and passionate.

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It can give more female siblings and co-workers than male unless other factors affect this house. The person is a pleasant conversationalist in a group meeting and is generally liked in a team. The person would be fond of conversing about music, arts, fashion, beauty, films, beautiful artefacts and other Venusian things. Venus in 3rd house may make one take frequent small trips for pleasure and breakaways from regular course of life.

The Principle of Bhavat Bhavam

Saturn is a planet which suppresses the house it sits in but is also considered good in Upachaya houses 3,6,10, Saturn in third house can make the mind fearful, anxious and cause problems in the ear, neck and shoulders. Unless well placed in sign and aspected well, it can cause the person in their age before 36 to lack the will or confidence to make self efforts.

However, because Saturn in 3rd does not let one work in a team setting effectively, one is sooner or later forced to start out on their own and do their own business. Even this may take time to setup because Saturn normally shows delays and great efforts.