Studies disproving astrology

How Are Horoscopes Still a Thing?

A hospital in Argentina is reportedly using astrology to help treat some mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety, by giving patients an understanding of their astrological personalities. I am horrified by this prospect!

For something to have a true scientific basis, it has to encompass testable ideas. For instance, a study tested the accuracy of astrological charts in describing the personality traits of study participants, and the results indicated that the scores were at a level consistent with chance.

Why Astrology Isn't Real Science

Further, it uses a set of rules about the relative positions and movements of the stars and planets to predict and explain worldly events and human personality. Until then, astrology will have to remain in the realm of pseudoscience.

Astrology and science

Analysis of the research was carried out by Geoffrey Dean, a scientist and former astrologer based in Perth, Australia, and Ivan Kelly, a psychologist at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Dean said the results undermined the claims of astrologers, who typically work with birth data far less precise than that used in the study.

The findings caused alarm and anger in astrological circles yesterday. Astrologers have for centuries claimed to be able to extract deep insights into the personality and destiny of people using nothing more than the details of the time and place of birth. Astrology has been growing in popularity.

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Surveys suggest that a majority of people in Britain believe in it, compared with only 13 percent 50 years ago. The Association of Professional Astrologers claims that 80 percent of Britons read star columns, and psychological studies have found that 60 percent regularly read their horoscopes. Despite the skepticism of scientists, astrology has grown to be a huge worldwide business, spawning thousands of telephone lines, Internet sites and horoscope columns in newspapers and magazines.

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