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In ancient Babylon, they organized a 7-day calendar where each day corresponded to one of the 7 planets that we can see with the naked eye. Does the day of the week you were born on have any impact on your birth chart information? Do you know what day of the week you were born on? You might be wondering, which planet rules that day and what does it mean?

Monday Astrology - People Born on Monday Astrology

Monday is ruled by the Moon and this means that a child born on a Monday will likely be more emotional than other people. They might be the strong silent type, keeping all of their emotions in check until called on. A person born on Monday may also get nervous very easily, as they tend to be sensitive. They will also be a peacemaker and try to smooth over conflict when it occurs. Tuesday is the day that is ruled by the planet Mars.

These are born leaders, and they live their lives almost fearlessly. Tuesday children are always on the go, always trying new projects, and always initiating their dreams and goals. Mercury is the thinking planet, the intellectual planet, and it promotes skills in communication. Mercury also rules short journeys and transportation. They may worry a little too much and wind up being a bit of an overthinker and get lost in their thoughts on occasion. People born on Thursday are said to go far in life, because Jupiter is the generous, benevolent planet, and is the luckiest planet of them all.

If you were born on a Thursday, consider yourself to be very lucky.

WHAT THE DAY OF YOUR BIRTH CAN TELL ABOUT YOU: On Monday, lucky people are born...

Find out where Jupiter is on your chart and use that power to harness your true karmic destiny. Things may fall in line for you, seemingly effortlessly, if you follow your destiny and do the hard work to prepare. We see this from the planets as well. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, and she rules Fridays Veneris in Latin.

People born on Fridays are going to love everything to do with love, relationships, and romance. If you have questions about love and were born on a Friday, have a look at where Venus is in your chart and make the necessary preparations to harness that power in your romantic life and relationships. This day is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and restrictions. One of the reasons we all spend Saturdays running errands and doing odd jobs around the house is because Saturn rules this day.

We are called upon to limit our fun to get the job done, and sometimes this involves restricting ourselves in some areas.

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You may want to learn to relax a bit more. Each day knows a certain symbol in the shape of a deity, tree, bird and animal note that this animal is not the same as the shape of Buta Ulu of a certain day. The appearances of Buta Ulu are shown in the lowest row of the figure you see above. It is auspicious to worship the deity of the day on which you were born according to the 7 days week and to surround yourself with the fitting tree, bird and animal.

For example: keeping a cat is especially auspicious for people born on a Thursday. An example of the use of the table: Suppose you are born on a Sunday redite and on the first day of the week of five days called Umanis. In that case your bintang is Kal Sungsang. The symbol of this sign can be seen in the second row and the first column of the figure you see above the first row in that figure gives an artistic impression of the days in the form of the different shapes of Buta Ulu.

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Some descriptions which are determined by tradition are rather negative. For the sake of authenticity I have given the traditional descriptions. However, my opinion is that the best way to come into contact with your Balinese sign is to meditate on the deeper meanings of the symbols of your sign. For example the description of Laku Api is radical, angry, jealous.

People Born On Monday -- cremindiajewelt.gqnder Sharma Ji

However, by contemplating upon the symbol of Laku Api, which is fire, you come into contact with the essence of that symbol and you will see possibilities to use the energy of that sign wisely for example by undertaking initiatives, bringing renewal. Every Balinese sign knows 3 symbols: the symbol of the Bintang, the symbol out of the first group of characteristics and the symbol out of the second group of characteristics.

By meditating on the essence of those symbols and by thinking on the good and best use of that symbol you are able to use the energy of your Balinese sign well. In the table first the bintang is mentioned, next the first characteristic printed in blue and lastly the second characteristic. Solves problems easily, has a lot of friends, gives attention to the public, but has a tendency to neglect the welfare of his family.

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Quiet, behaves well, wants to be the leader, makes sometimes arguments with his or her spouse, is not easily influenced by others. Cannot keep quiet, tendency to exaggerate, needs compliments, sometimes a bit superficial. Good worker, smart, has a lot of knowledge, takes life in a light way and is satisfied. Takes decisions in a hurry, has difficulties with making friends, like to mix with women, quiet, stable.

Thinks that his problems are easy to solve, intelligent, but vain, likes mysticism, well known person.

What are the Characteristics of People Born on Monday? | Monday Born People Personality

Brave, happy and extravagant life, open person, hides nothing, can enjoy earthly pleasures. Kelapa coconut tree Laku Angin Tunggak Semi. Tangis tears Aras Kembang Sumur Sinaba.

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  • Sangkatitel broken hoe Laku Bintang Satria Wibawa. Begoong head of a demon Laku Bulan Bumi Kapetak.

    This is What Your Day of Birth Reveals About You

    Gajah elephant Laku Bulan Wisesa Segara. Kukus smoke Laku Bintang Bumi Kapetak. Yuyu crab Aras Kembang Satria Wirang. Ru stabbing Laku Api Satria Wibawa. Patrem kris Aras Kembang Bumi Kapetak. Kiriman package, gift Aras Tuding Sumur Sinaba.

    Bade cremation tower Laku Surya Satria Wirang.